Students continue to follow the new national curriculum throughout Key Stage 4. This is designed for students to be stretched and challenged and ensures problem-solving, fluency and reasoning questions are involved in all lessons. Students are given strategies to approach problem-solving questions, for example using bar modelling. There are also real-life contextualised questions (including questions on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, STEM) to help students explore how mathematical problem-solving can be applied to practical activities.


Students in Year 10 are assessed three times during the year, including one PPE (Pre Public Exam) at the end of Year 10. This formal assessment is complemented by a series of regular topic tests which take place approximately every three weeks, throughout the year.

Year 10 students are entered for their exams in two tiers of entry: Higher and Foundation.





Autumn 1


Graphs, tables and charts

Fractions and percentages



Fractions, ratio and percentages

Autumn 2

Equations, inequalities and sequences

Perimeter, area and volume 1

Angles and trigonometry


Area and volume

Transformations and constructions

Spring 1



Equations and inequalities


Spring 2

Ratio and proportion

Right-angled triangles

Multiplicative reasoning

Similarity and congruence

Summer 1

Multiplicative reasoning

Constructions, loci and bearings

Transition into Year 11

More trigonometry

Equations and graphs


 Recommended revision resources

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