Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics

Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics is a popular and successful subject at our school. As a diverse school, we see our role as essential in supporting students to understand and appreciate other faiths and cultures. We also support students in understanding how different moral codes influence society and help them develop an understanding of their own opinions and influences. Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics is taught in dedicated classrooms which house specialist resources and artefacts.

In Year 9 students will be learning about the development of religion and views of God, through a study of the Abrahamic faiths and their shared stories. They will explore how the religions began and how their histories overlap. They will look at how views of God and culture effect behaviour and how that has changed over time.

Autumn Term:
Development of Judaism
Study of holy people and how they have impacted our views of God and changed religious practice.

Spring Term:
The development of Islam: - exploring the life of Muhammed and the impact he had at the time and now.

Summer Term:
How the view of religion has changed through a study of the Reformation and the Enlightenment and how these changes have impacted religious practice