Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was started at Allerton Grange School in Autumn 2007.

Students enrol for Bronze Level from the age of 14 and all students can choose to join the scheme in Year 9. At present, we have pupils from Years 9 to 12 on the scheme working at Bronze and Silver levels.

Reasons to get involved

Taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award is rewarding and helps you to work on skills outside of the classroom.

Universities and employers are not just looking for good qualifications but evidence of personal qualities, skills and experiences such as leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration and the ability to learn. The Duke of Edinburgh Award helps you to demonstrate and develop these qualities and provides excellent evidence for CVs, job and university applications. It is also great fun, very rewarding and a fantastic way of gaining confidence and skills in new areas.

What is Involved?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is based on 4 sections:

  • Service: volunteering, fundraising for charity of your choice, peer mentoring.
  • Skill: build up a skill in an area of your choice e.g. photography, astronomy, crafts, music.
  • Physical Recreation: show dedication and progression within a sport, e.g. swimming, football, dancing.
  • Expedition: work in a team to plan and go on an expedition for 2 days and 1 night (at Bronze level)

For more information visit the Duke of Edinburgh website at http://www.dofe.org or speak to Mr Kris Morgan.