Personal, Social & Health Education

At Allerton Grange we believe that aspirational enrichment engenders an appreciation of human creativity and achievement for our students. By providing transformative experiences based on inclusivity it enables students to develop their cultural capital and become educated citizens with increased social mobility and access to the best academic opportunities available. We believe that all students have an entitlement to enriching activities beyond the classroom that supports their social learning and development needed to be successful and contributing members of society.

Students will develop their understanding of fundamental British values, relationships, health and wellbeing, economic success, safety, and their role in the wider world through the PSHCE curriculum. Local influences will be taken into account when planning the curriculum in PSHCE to ensure students cultivate self-understanding, resilience, and character. Through rigorous and engaging lessons, students will procure the knowledge and literacy required to nurture economic, academic, and personal aspirations.

The PSHCE curriculum will involve focused dedicated lessons that provide students with systematic, unbiased, and rich knowledge, as well as interleaved wider learning within all curriculum areas. Furthermore, the PSHCE curriculum aims to increase linguistic capital through the Words Matter initiative within Allerton Grange School through the explicit teaching of subject specific vocabulary.

Students at Allerton Grange will work closely with careers and enterprise resources to prepare them for the world of work. Through clear and directed teaching, as well as workshops and guidance, our students will be able to plan and prepare for their aspirational career choices. Students will develop their confidence, resilience, and motivation that will be considered attractive for future employers. Moreover, all students will have opportunities to meet employers from different fields of work, and experience interviews, focused feedback, and develop a clear action plan for their own progression.

Allerton Grange will actively promote and expect students to take part in the range of extra-curricular activities that are offered to support and nurture the artistic, musical, athletic, and/or cultural needs of all students. Students will feel motivated to engage with these activities, taking pride in their school and themselves. Furthermore, students are able to work towards becoming a PSHCE ambassador through their commitments to personal, social, health, or economic growth.

The PSHCE curriculum is based on reflective social justice underpinnings that ensure that all students are able to access and benefit from the knowledge they have gained. It thrives on inclusivity of opportunities and high expectations for all. In order to support our SEND students, resources and additional information will be adapted but not minimised. Allerton Grange aims to grow aspirational attitudes to ensure success for all students.

Ultimately, our curriculum aims to provide all students the skills needed to achieve continued success in the academic field after high school and provide students with the knowledge to understand their role as a citizen in Britain and the wider world. Our curriculum will create transformative experiences for themselves and others beyond the boundaries of our school.

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