Design & Technology

Design and Technology is taught in a state of the art technology suite by dedicated and enthusiastic staff. We hope to encourage the next generation of Engineers, Fashion Designers, Caterers, Architects and Product Designers through our own love of making. Students are challenged to design and manufacture products in a range of subject areas including Product Design, Textiles and Food.

Technology Clubs take place each week. Please see latest after school events for details. Technology trips and workshops occur throughout the year including: Knit and Stitch, STEM visits, STEM workshops.

In Year 8 skills, knowledge and understanding learnt in Year 7 are extended further through the introduction of challenging briefs, higher level techniques and equipment, as well as decorative techniques and materials. The focus for year 8 in technology allows students to develop a greater understanding of construction within the respective areas.

Students are on a rotation, so over the year they complete a Food, Textiles and Product Design project. By the end of Year 8, students use their awareness of their strengths and areas for development to select from three D&T options for Year 9.

In Food, students produce a range of products which follow the theme of healthy alternatives to fast foods. Students develop their understanding of heating methods, the properties of ingredients and environmental issues around sourcing foods across the world. Students take home each practical, plus they have photographs of their finished products in their folders.

In Textiles, students explore a range of construction techniques and design approaches before producing a case for a smart device. They develop their machine skills further and learn new decorative techniques aided by their increased knowledge of the origins, properties and uses of fibres and fabrics. Students take their finished product home, and a photograph is used as evidence in their folder.

In Product Design, students develop their skill and understanding of CAD/CAM design programmes and equipment to a design theme. They further develop their workshop good practice and higher level finishing techniques to construct a pencil box. Students take home their finished quality product, leaving a photograph as evidence in their folder.