Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Information on our progress with the RED Award will be added to this page.

Red Award Commitment Pledge 2022-25

  1.  Staff understand and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) across our school and local community. This will be achieved through a variety of means, including bespoke CPD, promoting flexible working and networking opportunities. It will also include training our staff on what EDI looks like in practice, to raise awareness of, and as a result eliminate, unconscious bias in all aspects of school life.
  2. To undertake an audit of the curriculum to identify any gaps, ensuring coverage of all aspects of equality, diversity, social justice, and global citizenship, subsequently supporting the progress of all of our learners.
  3. To further improve the personal development of all students by mapping out key events to be observed across the school, planning opportunities for them to be actively involved, and to engage with positive role models of diverse backgrounds in the process.
  4. To use data to monitor achievement, attendance, behavior and rewards, in order to narrow the gaps between groups of learners, subjects, courses and key stages, ad support the aspirations of all our students.
  5. To use data to monitor engagement of key groups of parents, in order to target less engaged groups more effectively, and build a more representative wider school and local community.

The Allerton Grange Equality & Diversity Policy is available on the Policies page of the school website.

In March 2019, Allerton Grange School was recognised as a trained LGBTQI+ school. 
Please visit our LGBTQI+ school page for more information.