Further Mathematics

Do you enjoy a challenge?

Do you enjoy solving problems?

Did you enjoy and do well in GCSE Maths?

Studying Further Mathematics will:

  • provide a stimulating and challenging cause
  • develop key employability skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, communication and resilience
  • increase knowledge and understanding of mathematical techniques and their applications
  • support the study of other A Level subjects
  • provide excellent preparation for a wide range of university courses
  • lead to a versatile qualification that is well-respected by employers and higher education

Further Mathematics

Course content:
Pure Maths covered in Further Mathematics includes:

- Complex numbers
- Matrices
- Discrete/Decision Maths

Future opportunities:
Content covered by Further Maths A Level is applied in many degree courses including: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Management, Economics, Business and Computer Science. Business and industry suffer from a shortage of trained mathematicians at every level.

Even an AS Level in Further Maths shows how well you can apply your skills to an unfamiliar situation, exactly the type of person universities and employers are looking for.

A minimum of five subjects at grade 4 (or above) including English Language, and GCSE Maths at grade 7 (or above.)

AS Further Maths Edexcel:
Paper 1, Compulsory Pure, 1hr 40 mins
Paper 2, Further Statistics 1 and Decision Mathematics 1 (other options available)

A Level Further Maths Edexcel:
Paper 1, Compulsory Pure, 1 hr 30 mins
Paper 2, Compulsory Pure, 1 hr 30 mins
Paper 3, Further Statistics 1 (other options available), 1 hr 30 mins Paper 4, Decision Mathematics 1 (other options available), 1 hr 30 mins