Classical Civilisation

OCR GCSE for Classical Civilisation (9-1)

Classical Civilisation was offered on our Key Stage 4 curriculum for the first time in September 2018. Classical Civilisation, more commonly known as Classics, is the study of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It consists of the study of the literature, history, philosophy and visual arts of Greece and Rome, giving insight into their social, cultural and political values as well as their beliefs.

There are two topics studied across Year 10 and 11. One is a thematic study on Myth and Religion and the other a study of Literature and Culture. There are two exams which are both taken at the end of Year 11. Both exams are 1 hour 30 minutes and are worth 50% of the GCSE grade.

Myth and Religion

Within this topic students will study the religions on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

This will include:

• The Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome
• The Universe of the Hero (Hercules and Theseus)
• Religion and the City: Temples, Festivals and Sacrifices
• Myth and the City: Foundation Myths
• Myth and Symbols of Power
• Death and the Underworld
• Orpheus and Eurydice
• Persephone and Demeter
• Journeying to the Underworld

The Homeric World

This topic requires students to explore The Odyssey by Homer which is believed to have been composed in the 8th century BC by a bard named Homer.

The Greek hero, Odysseus, has spent ten years away from home fighting with the Greeks in the Trojan War. Homer’s Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus’ journey to return home. Unfortunately, Odysseus has angered Poseidon, God of the Sea by blinding his son. As a result of Poseidon’s wrath, it will take him ten years to travel to his home, the island of Ithaca, where his wife and son are waiting for him.

We will read five sections of Homer’s Odyssey including The Cyclops and Circe. We will study the text in the context of the period, meaning we will study life, beliefs and traditions in Ancient Greece.

Useful links:

Massolit - Students can access a wide range of lectures by academics about the ancient world using their school email address.

OCR website -

Prescribed literary sources for Myth and Religion:
Prescribed literary sources for The Homeric World: