Welcome to Allerton Grange

Allerton Grange is a welcoming and inclusive community for staff and students alike.

Every student is cared for as an individual and our staff team work hard to ensure all students are safe, secure and happy. Our most important partnership is with our students and their families.

At Allerton Grange, we challenge ourselves to continually improve and grow as a staff community.

We coach and guide colleagues to unlock their skills and passion for teaching and supporting students to achieve their best. We are proud of our work, both as teachers and support staff, and the positive impact this has for students and their families.

Our KLAS curriculum is central to what we do and what our students experience each day at Allerton Grange, ensuring they have subject knowledge, literacy skills and broad experiences that will enable them to access the finest universities and their choice of career.

Our ethos promotes trust, autonomy and professional respect across the organisation. We provide our staff with a range of services that assist individual wellbeing.

Allerton Grange staff are encouraged to develop and grow, taking the next steps in their career, within the school wherever possible.

Our principles of Aspire, Grow, and Succeed underpin everything we do at Allerton Grange.

Aspire – We want everyone at Allerton Grange to be the best they can be and therefore we set the very highest expectations for all members of our school, regardless of background or ability. We expect the highest standards of behaviour and attitude; uniform and organisation;

Grow – At Allerton Grange we ensure that the opportunities are available for any stakeholder to improve and develop. We provide excellent teaching and an intervention programme to support students academically. We provide many student leadership opportunities which allow our young people to grow as individuals.

Succeed – Our commitment to improvement delivers success, which we celebrate with students and staff. The quality of teaching at Allerton Grange ensures that students make swift progress above that expected nationally. Students are constantly rewarded for meeting the expectations the school sets.