Pathway to 2025 5 year strategy

On 25 November 2020 we are launched our Pathway to 2025 consultation process to establish a new school vision for 2025.


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Back in 2015, the governing body and school leadership established a new school vision and a set of school values that underpins everything we do at Allerton Grange. The school values still apply but the school vision was a five year mission statement which comes to an end in December 2020.

You are therefore invited to take part in a two month consultation process to establish our new school vision for 2025.

Stage 1 (December 2020) Complete – consult with staff, current parents, prospective parents and students on the words and phrases that would best describe the Allerton Grange School they want to be part of by 2025.

Stage 2 (January 2021) – consult on a draft vision statement, which will be ready to publish by February 2021.

The Pathway to 2025 Phase 1 consultation closed on 18 December 2020. Over 40 responses were received from a range of stakeholders including staff, parents of current students, prospective parents, students and governors.

Mr Roper has now prepared a Draft Pathway to 2025 Vision Statement for the Allerton Grange School’s Pathway to 2025. Please email any further thoughts or feedback to by 31 January 2021.