Year 7 – Facing East

The History curriculum at Allerton Grange is designed to give students a rich and broad understanding of the development of Britain and the wider world from the fall of the Roman Empire to the present day. Students will place these developments in a truly global perspective, and engage with the work of historians to help build not only their knowledge of the past, but their sense of History as a discipline which is contentious, complex and changing.

In Year 7 students will develop an understanding of the Medieval World. They will begin by looking at the development of the Roman Empire then consider the impact of its collapse on Europe. They will then follow the shifting of global power and trade towards the east with the rise of Islam and the development of the Abbasid Caliphate. Students will then trace the growth of centralised power in England as tribalism solidified into Saxon kingship. Students will then investigate the impact of the Norman Conquest on England and explore where power lay in Medieval society, before considering the impact of the tumultuous 14th century on the fabric of this society. Students will also wrestle with the evidential issues facing historians trying to reconstruct the life of women in the medieval period. Students will finish the year by looking at the rise of the Ottoman Empire and the relationship between East and West.

At the end of Y7, students will consider the question ‘How do we tell the story of the Medieval period?’. They will draw together their understanding from across the course and consider different ways of telling this complex story.

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