Why study Business and Economics?

Business and Economics introduce you to the world of business and help you to understand economic decisions and consequences. If you have a keen interest in current affairs, you will be able to apply this to your studies, using real-world examples to explain theories and concepts.

A level Business gives you the tools to understand modern business, including decision making and developing strategies, plus how businesses operate in an increasingly competitive environment. You will also have the opportunity to develop your own entrepreneurial skills.

Studying Economics in Sixth Form develops your critical thinking skills through the exploration of economic growth, inflation, exchange rates and fiscal policy. You will study microeconomic and macroeconomic topics and evaluate policies using theories and personal conclusions.

Business Studies is a Year 9 option module, which is taught to Year 10 and 11, so some students may decide to continue with this subject at Sixth Form. For most post-16 students, Business and Economics are new subjects.

You may wish to consider studying Business and/or Economics alongside Maths, Computer Science or Information Technology.

What careers are Business and Economics useful for?

If you are considering studying accounting, business, economics or management at university, then studying Business or Economics will give you a strong foundation.

You will gain transferable skills, including analytical and critical thinking skills that are helpful for a range of careers including marketing, human resources, accountancy or for running a business.

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