Geography is the bridge between the arts subjects and the world of science and this is an engaging and exciting option at A Level.

It will challenge your perceptions about the world and will develop investigative and analytical skills as contemporary geographical issues are discussed.


The course explores the relationship between human populations with their physical environment at a variety of scales from local to global.

Students will study both physical and human geography, including water and carbon cycles; glacial systems and landscapes; ecosystems under stress; global systems and global governance; and contemporary urban environments.

Part of the course involves practical research, including a dedicated fieldwork option.

Trips and enrichment:
A-Level Geography Field Investigation - Sefton Coastline near Liverpool As part of the A-Level course, Year 13 Geography students visit the coast between Liverpool and Southport to investigate changes in the sand dune profile. During the 3 day visit students plan, carry out and evaluate a full study of a transect, which they will then write about in their summer exam.

Future Opportunities:
A qualification in Geography is an excellent preparation for a range of university courses, from geology and ecology to environmental science and urban planning.

The skills you develop studying Geography are rich and varied, enabling you to do a variety of different jobs.

Jobs directly related to Geography:
• Cartographer • Commercial/residential surveyor • Environmental consultant • Weather person • Geographical information systems officer • Planning and development surveyor • Secondary school teacher/ college or university lecturer • Town planner

Jobs where Geography would be useful:
• International aid/development worker • Landscape architect • Logistics and distribution manager • Market researcher • Nature conservation officer • Sustainability consultant • Tourism officer • Transport planner

A minimum of five subjects at grade 4 (or above) including grade 4 (or above) in Maths and a grade 5 (or above) in English Language and Geography.

We follow the AQA specification; more details can be found at: