Exam Results and Performance Tables

Congratulations to all our successful students on attaining excellent results in their A-level and AS-level exams.

A Level/End of Key Stage 5 Results

Applied courses: Progress Score +0.42 for Applied Level 3 courses
A Levels: Progress Score +0.17 for A Level courses. The Department of Education classifies this as Average compared to other schools across England. Average Grade attained C-.

98.4% students completed their main study programme
96% A Level pass rate in Summer 2019

  • 2019 saw the fourth year of improved Key Stage 5 results
  • Allerton Grange Sixth Form is the best post-16 provider in Leeds for Applied courses
  • Allerton Grange Sixth Form is the 9th best provider in Leeds for A levels

Continuing in AGS 6th Form 2019:
98% of Year 12 A Level / Level 3 students that completed their first year progressed on to second year A’ level. This is a fantastic retention figure. (NB: Other students left before the census but this was their intention as they wanted apprenticeships and only came back as a back-up until this training was secure.)
60% compared to last year’s 64% (NB: This figure is not a true retention figure as it includes the 1 year Access students and most of these students leave after this 1 year course.)

Year 13 Leaver Destinations 2019-20*
Education Employment and Training 84.3%
Education Employment and Training (including Gap Year/Resits 2020-21) 91.1%
NEET 2.9%
Gap Year 6.8%
Unknown 5.8%
(*This is not a full set of results as some Year 13 leavers have not confirmed their destinations to AGS.)