Business is taught as part of the social science curriculum. In common with other social science subjects, Business aims to develop in students a critical and evaluative approach, as we strongly believe that knowing how different people see the world allows our learners to make sense of the world, ask questions of it and know how to change it.

Business studies allows students to recognise the interrelation between the individual and businesses in society. Students will be aware that business behaviour can be studied from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders and actors and will learn to evaluate the outcomes of every decision they make morally, ethically and the impact it has on the world of business. Students are encouraged to explore current news stories and be able to engage in meaningful debates surrounding issues and factors that influence and shape the decisions made by local, national and global businesses.


For students who wish to study Business, we offer the 2 year A Level in Business.

We investigate how organisations work and operate, from the initial idea right through to them growing into multinational operations. Functions such as marketing, human resources, product development and finance all have to work closely together in order to achieve the aims and objectives of the business.

As well as what goes on inside the business, you will looking into external influences such as politics, economics and technological advancements.

Learning the theory behind business is one element but much of your study time will be spent relating this theory to the real world and exploring case studies.

The qualification covers 4 key themes across the two years:

Theme 1: Marketing and People
Theme 2: Managing business activities
Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy
Theme 4: Global business

Business is a good subject to study alongside one or more of the following: Economics, Modern Foreign Language, Sport, Sociology, Psychology, English, Media Studies, Maths.

Useful Links
More information can be found at: Pearson Edexcel A level Business Specification

Regular catch up sessions are held in the pod every Tuesday and Thursday. They are optional and voluntary for students, however, students may be directed to the sessions if their progress is below target.

A minimum of five GCSE subjects at grade 4 (or above) including Maths at grade 4 (or above) and English Language at grade 5 (or above). No previous experience or qualifications in Business is necessary. If you have taken GCSE Business you must achieve grade 4 (or above), or a Pass in BTEC Business.

The course is a 2 Year linear A level course which is formally examined at the end of Year 13.

Students will, however, sit a PPE (mock) examination to determine the suitability to continue to Year 13.