Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is the study of how computers are used in society as well as how computer technology is used to create digital artefacts.

The IT industry is expanding at an exponential rate and individuals and organisations are becoming more and more reliant on computers. Sectors such as retail, travel, entertainment, medical, education and health all use IT as an integral part of their operations.

Are you interested in discovering how these industries use computers now and how this may evolve in the future? Are you eager to learn
how to create effective digital products?

If so, then you could develop the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective user of technology
and help to shape its use in the future.

Information Technology

As a vocational subject, BTEC Information Technology (Extended Certificate) enables you to experience different sectors of IT within four defined units – each assessed in a different style.

You will learn how businesses use social media to promote their products/services, engage with customers, share information and express their brand identity. By carrying out a case study
of existing organisation’s use of social media platforms, you will develop the knowledge necessary to setup and manage a business
social media campaign of your own.

You will also learn about the theory of databases and attain practical skills in the use of a database management system. You will setup tables, relationships, validation, queries, reports and forms.

The fundamentals of Information Technology will be studied in order to provide you with the theoretical knowledge necessary to have a
secure understanding of the subject. This includes investigating the role of different hardware, how networks allow communication and the role cybersecurity has in keeping us and our devices safe.

Finally, you will study web development, exploring how websites are designed to be pleasing on the eye and intuitive to use. This leads
to the practical task of writing HTML code to create your own website that meets the needs of a set scenario.

A good range of GCSEs at grades 4 to 9, including English Language at grade 5 (or above) and Maths at grade 4 (or above).

Social Media in Business (coursework) - 25% weighting
Using Systems to Manage Information (5hr on-screen exam) - 25% weighting
Information Technology Systems (2hr written exam) - 33.3% weighting
Website Development (coursework) - 16.6% weighting