All parents and carers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their children received a suitable education for their age and aptitude.

There is evidence to show that excellent attendance at school is key for ensuring positive outcomes for children and young people. Missing school leaves children vulnerable to falling behind, achieving poorer outcomes at school, as well as post-16 choices and outcomes. 

We know that improving attendance can be the gateway to improving the overall life chances of children and young people.

Leeds City Council - One minute guide: School Attendance - statutory responsibilities

At Allerton Grange School, the target is for all students to achieve 100% attendance and punctuality. The minimum expectation for all students is attendance over the academic year of 97%.

% Attendance Days Absent Potential Risk
97-100% 0-6 You will reach your full potential
95-96% 7-9 Risk of underachievement
93-94.9% 10-13 Serious risk of underachievement
90-92% 14-19 Severe risk of underachievement
Research suggests that 17 days absence over a school year causes the loss of one GCSE grade
Less than 90% 20+

Extreme risk of underachievement
Risk of Court Action
90% attendance is equivalent to missing four weeks.
90% attendance is equivalent to missing one half day every week.
Continued 90% attendance over five years in school is the equivalent to missing one half of a school year.

If your child is ill, you can check the NHS website to help you decide if your child is too ill for school.

If your child is absent, a parent/carer must contact school using ClassCharts before 8.30 am on each day of absence.


If your child is going to be late to school, they need to have a note from their parent/carer explaining the reason why they are late. 

On arrival, the student must sign in to school at the Attendance Office and then go straight to their lesson.

Persistent lateness will result in detention and/or isolation.

Where possible, please make appointments for your child outside of school hours. If your child has an appointment during school time, this should be recorded on ClassCharts and they must take a note from their parent/carer to their Year Office to receive a green slip.

At the time they need to leave school, the student must hand the slip into Main Reception, where they will receive a Police signing out slip.

Students should never leave school without permission.