Pupil Premium

The Allerton Grange School vision for 2025 reflects our intent for all students, including the disadvantaged:

• At Allerton Grange, our KLAS curriculum is the driving force behind advancing social mobility and celebrating cultural diversity.
• Allerton Grange’s continual improvement will ensure that, by 2025, we are delivering an exceptional quality of education for all students.
• Allerton Grange is committed to ensuring that all students have the subject knowledge, the vocabulary, the experiences, and the character to secure places at world-renowned universities and on elite training programmes, which will enable them to make aspirational career choices

Our KLAS curriculum (Knowledge, Literacy, Aspirational Enrichment and Social Mobility) is the guarantor of equality. A knowledge-rich curriculum empowers students and ensures they are able to understand the changing work around them. A rigorous and knowledge-rich curriculum provides students with cultural literacy and allows them to understand the context of their learning. Therefore, we have relentlessly high expectations of all students and believe that teaching a broad and balanced curriculum to all students is the single most effective way to support all students, especially the disadvantaged.
We realise that literacy is a powerful tool for ensuring social mobility. Therefore, we have a rich literacy programme with Key Stage 3 and 4 students benefiting from our Drop Everything and Read programme (DEAR). In addition, Key Stage 3 students benefit from Words Matter, a vocabulary instruction programme.

We believe in educating the whole child and our students are provided with a range of enriching opportunities outside the classroom, including a whole school lecture series, external speakers and an extensive extra-curricular programme.