Students can choose AS/A2 Music as one of many options in our post 16 curriculum. 


Students must study: Area of Study 1 (Western Classical Tradition 1650-1910) and choose two from the remainder of the list below:

- Western classical tradition (1650–1910) Compulsory
- Pop music
- Music for Media
- Music for Theatre
- Jazz
- Contemporary Traditional Music
- Art Music Since 1910

We teach these topics through a process of listening, analysis and study.

At least 5 GCSEs between grades 4 and 9, including a minimum of grade 4 in English Language and Maths.

The expectation is for grade 6 (or above) to have been attained in GCSE Music. You are also required to be a competent musician and be working towards vocal/instrumental Grade 5 or an equivalent standard.

There are three main areas of assessment:

Appraising music – 40%
Performance – 35%
Composition – 25%

Throughout the course we record performances and, practise composition to develop the student’s practical skills.

What about the compositions? Like GCSE, you are required to submit two compositions: Composition 1 is to a brief and Composition 2 is a free composition. Combined, these should total 4 and a half minutes. Each composition will be accompanied by a programme note of approximately 150 words.

How much performance will be involved? A minimum of 10 minutes of performance is required. This can be either solo, ensemble or a combination of both.