Student Leadership

Students will gain leadership experience.

We expect all students to take advantage of opportunities to develop their leadership skills whilst in the sixth form. The wide range of activities are as follows:

• Community work

• In-class support or mentoring for younger students at AGS or in primary schools

• Becoming a qualified reading mentor

• Being a sports leader


Student Leadership Group

The Student Leadership Group (SLG) comprises of two Head Students, five Deputy Head Students and a group of Student Leaders.

To be a member of SLG, candidates are chosen by application and interview.

The Head Students represent the school at a number of community events and are expected to give presentations to parents, students and teachers when required. The group also work on their own initiatives each year and are our students' representatives.

Head Student 
Azeem Afzal 

Head Student
Sidra Mansoor

“Allerton Grange Sixth Form provides
students with the knowledge and
confidence to take charge of their own
success and future planning. Crucial to our
sixth form is the fantastic support network
that ensures we know that we are never
alone. We develop into well-rounded
individuals capable of tackling and
attaining all goals we set out. We are
offered a plethora of opportunities, such as
the various mentorship roles to get involved
with, as well as a wide choice of
enrichment programmes available all year
round, and our student leadership group
(SLG) is fantastic for making a real impact
in our learning environment and to our time
at Allerton Grange Sixth Form. Everyone
undoubtedly finds something to get
involved with.”

“Allerton Grange Sixth Form is a safe and
welcoming community, which invites
like-minded and focused students to come
together, to allow the transition into Sixth
Form a smooth and easy process. This is
evident through the support staff who are
always on hand to provide any form of
help. Moreover, Allerton Grange Sixth Form
also provides a variety of opportunities,
leadership roles and careers support to
help students to flourish as independent
individuals, who are ready for the next step
of their academic journey. Another key
feature is the amazing track record which
has allowed students to progress onto top
universities and courses after successful
completion of their A levels at Allerton
Grange Sixth Form.”