The History A level offers an opportunity to study key aspects of the past in depth, allowing you to explore and challenge interpretations thoroughly.


In Year 12 we study political, economic and social developments in the 20th Century in both Britain and the USA. 

Future opportunities:
A qualification in History is excellent preparation for a range of university courses and professions, history, law and journalism are common pathways for historians, but a rich understanding of the past can also add crucial context to the study of drama, music, art or literature.

A minimum of five subjects at grade 4 (or above) including grade 4 (or above) in Maths and grade 5 (or above) in English Language and History.

Paper 1, Option 1H: Britain transformed, 1918-97:
A breadth study of British political history over almost a century. The course starts with the aftermath of World War One and ends with the landslide election of New Labour in 1997. The exam paper is two hours and fifteen minutes and contains one essay question that assesses understanding of the period in breadth. Another question assesses the ability to analyse and evaluate historical interpretations. This paper is worth 30% of the total qualification.

Paper 2, Option 2H.1: The USA, c1920-55: Boom, Bust and Recovery:
A study of the USA’s political, social and economic history during the critical years 1920 – 1950. The exam paper is one hour and thirty minutes and contains two essay questions: one source based and one knowledge based. This paper is worth 20% of the total qualification.

We follow the Edexcel course and more details can be found at: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/history-2016.html