Year 7 - Belonging and Compassion

Autumn 1 
Cultural conversations: Going on an Odyssey

Students will start their journey into secondary school with a focus on literal and metaphorical journeys based on Homer’s epic, The Odyssey.

Autumn 2
Literature through the Ages

An introduction to important and influential writers and their work, which will equip students with powerful knowledge that will inform their future literary study and give them a sense of literary belonging

Spring 1
Poems that Inspire

Students will study a range of poets and poems from the 1800s up to the modern day. They will explore the way writers convey messages of hope and possibility and gain an appreciation of the impact that language can have.

Spring 2

Students will continue this unit now becoming the writers themselves. They will experiment with language and imagery, taking the opportunity to gain writing mastery and impart inspirational messages of their own.

Summer 1

Students will study their first full play - a modern adaptation of the Gothic story, Dracula. They will explore complex ideas such as morality and societal conventions as well as acquiring knowledge of genre and the conventions of a drama text.

Summer 2
Powerful Voices

Students will focus on the art of rhetoric and will develop their skills as writers and orators. Using the Aristotelian Triad of Ethos, Logos and Pathos, alongside a range of persuasive devices, they will craft speeches on different topical subjects culminating in a public speaking competition.


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