Design & Technology

Design and Technology is taught in a state of the art technology suite by dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

We hope to encourage the next generation of Engineers, Fashion Designers, Caterers, Architects and Product Designers through our own love of making. Students are challenged to design and manufacture products in a range of subject areas including Product Design, Textiles and Food.

Technology Clubs take place each week. Please see latest after school events for details. Technology trips and workshops occur throughout the year including: Knit and Stitch, STEM visits and STEM workshops.

Year 7 Design and Technology is all about creative challenge for those students who have Design and Technology skills, and training up those students who have not worked in Design and Technology before. Students complete a Design and Technology quiz to assess starting points.

All students rotate across three material areas, Food, Textiles and Product Design. 

In Food, students create a range of products which focus on developing their understanding of the science behind food. They look at the functions of ingredients and find out why raw ingredients behave the way they do, when they are subject to new and historical cooking processes. They will explore a range of cultural dishes from around the world to support your research in to food science.

In Textiles, students build foundation skills creating a samples workbook, which they can use in future years as a reference point for the wide range of techniques which they cover in this subject.
Students explore processes such as tie dye, block printing, stitch and stencil work.

In Product Design, the foundation project allows them to explore a wide range of industrial equipment and CAD/CAM design programmes as well as beginning to gain an understanding of design movements. They will begin to develop familiarity with the workshop environment during their term in 3D design.

All students have their specific material areas knowledge assessed at the beginning and end of each rotation. Students take home their finished products; photographs are kept in their folders to show their progress.