Pastoral Support

At Allerton Grange School we create an environment that allows our 1620 students to make the right choices.

To support this we have a team of pastoral staff, who are non-teaching. Each year group has a Year Team leading it, consisting of two members of staff whose job is to get to know students in their year group and support them to fully access all opportunities available to them at school. They meet on a one-to-one basis with every student each year to check-in on their well-being and aspirations.

As a school we operate a Policy for Positive Discipline. Details are available on the Policies page of the school website – Policy for Positive Discipline. This is a simple system consistently applied by all staff. Therefore, all students understand how it works, what they are expected to do and the consequences should they not comply.

If we think a student needs some help, we run sessions on a range of different topics including confidence, self-esteem, how to deal with anxiety, anger and so on. We are able to allocate time each week to work with a particular student to focus on their individual needs and monitor progress. If necessary, we can guide families to help them to get more specialised support.

Key Stage 3 Pastoral Care: Leanne Hosty

Progress and Welfare Manager Yr 7:  Connie Wright

Progress and Welfare Manager Yr 8:  Glenn Williamson

Progress and Welfare Manager Yr 9:  Elliot Mahoney

Key Stage 4 Pastoral Care: Jess Walker

Progress and Welfare Manager Yr 10: Steven Lomas

Progress and Welfare Manager Yr 11: Ruth Davis


Key Stage 5 Head of Sixth Form: Liz Braim

Progress and Welfare Manager KS5: Rachael Fryer

Sixth Form Administrator: Izzy Gillibrand