Exam Results & Performance Tables

School and College Performance Tables

The latest Department for Education performance tables for our school can be found by visiting the Department for Education website: Allerton Grange performance tables. This includes data on GCSEs and 16-18 study.

Progress 8 and Attainment 8

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are based on students’ performance in eight qualifications. These are English and Maths, up to three subjects from the Ebacc list, and students’ three highest scores from a range of other qualifications, including GCSEs and approved non-GCSEs. English and Maths are given double weighting to reflect their importance.

The English Baccalaureate, or EBacc, is a measure of how many students achieve a good GCSE pass in six core academic subjects: English, maths, history or geography, combined science (which counts as two passes) and a language. In addition, students must take both English language and literature, although they only need a grade 5+ (new GCSEs) in one of them.

Progress 8 score: -0.04* (September 2019)
(latest Department for Education data, to be revised as further information becomes available)

Attainment 8 score: 43.1 (September 2019) 

GCSE/ End of Key Stage 4 Results

32% of students achieved a strong pass (grade 5 - 9) in English and Maths at the end of Key Stage 4.
59% of students achieved grade 4 - 9 in English and Maths at the end of Key Stage 4.

4.09 is the EBacc APS (In 2018, the EBacc attainment measure changed to an average point score showing students' point scores across the five pillars of the EBacc)

Year 11/12 2019-20 Leaver Destinations 
  • Education Employment and Training 96.85%
  • NEET 1.84%
  • Unknown 1.31%

GCSE resits 2019

  • GCSE English resits saw 52.4% with an improved grade, +0.67 average progress
  • GCSE Maths resits saw 31.8% with an improved grade, +0.27 average progress
  • GCSE English resits (Pupil Premium) saw 50.0% with an improved grade, +0.50 average progress
  • GCSE Maths resits (Pupil Premium) saw 0.0% with an improved grade and -0.20 average progress 

A Level/End of Key Stage 5 Results

Applied courses: Progress Score +0.42 for Applied Level 3 courses

A Levels: 
Progress Score +0.17 for A Level courses. The Department of Education classifies this as Average compared to other schools across England. Average Grade attained C-.

  • 98.4% students completed their main study programme
  • 96% A Level pass rate in Summer 2019
  • 2019 saw the fourth year of improved Key Stage 5 results
  • Allerton Grange Sixth Form is the best post-16 provider in Leeds for Applied courses
  • Allerton Grange Sixth Form is the 9th best provider in Leeds for A levels

Continuing in AGS 6th Form 2019:
98% of Year 12 A’ Level / Level 3 students that completed their first year progressed on to second year A’ level. This is a fantastic retention figure. (NB: Other students left before the census but this was their intention as they wanted apprenticeships and only came back as a back-up until this training was secure.)
60% compared to last year’s 64% (NB: This figure is not a true retention figure as it includes the 1 year Access students and most of these students leave after this 1 year course.)

Year 13 Leaver Destinations 2019-20*
  • Education Employment and Training 84.3%
  • Education Employment and Training (including Gap Year/Resits 2020-21) 91.1%
  • NEET 2.9%
  • Gap Year 6.8%
  • Unknown 5.8%

(*This is not a full set of results as some Year 13 leavers have not confirmed their destinations to AGS.)


GCSE Grading 

Ofqual introduced a new grading structure from 2017 for English and Maths, with other subjects following from 2018. Grades are awarded from 1 to 9 rather than the old A* - G system. Although they are not directly equivalent, grade 4 and above is equal to grade C and above, the widely used benchmark for further education providers and employers. Under the new structure, it is more difficult to achieve the highest grade of 9 which now includes some work that was previously taught at A Level.