Year 8 - Conflict and Perspective
Autumn 1
Narrative Writing: Voices of War

A range of short stories are studied and students experiment with their own writing using a range of techniques and manipulating perspective for impact.

Autumn 2 and Spring 1
American Classics

Students will read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry or To Kill a Mockingbird, exploring ideas of discrimination and injustice and solidarity and courage. They will have the opportunity to develop focused analysis of language, structure and character, gaining an understanding of how writers examine complex ideas through their texts.


Spring 2 and Summer 1
Studying Shakespeare

Students will read, analyse and perform The Merchant of Venice. They will have the opportunity to watch different adaptations and gain a detailed knowledge of the plot before analysing key moments from the play. 

Summer 2
Studying Shakespeare

Students will continue to explore the works of William Shakespeare, focusing on the genre conventions of comedy, tragedy and history. This detailed knowledge of four Shakespeare plays will imbue all students with a confidence that can only come from mastering such rich and complex texts.

Useful resources:

Penguin - Lit in Colour Reading Lists