What careers is English useful for?

Studying English gives you skills which will enable you to adapt and evolve in the rapidly changing socio-economic and political contexts of the modern world.

Our English A level students achieve excellent results and the majority move on to higher education.

English Language is the basis of our society and so studying it will help you whatever you go on to do in the future and is particularly suitable for students who wish to continue to university to study:

  • English Language, English literature, English studies
  • Sociology
  • Cultural studies
  • Linguistics
  • Modern foreign languages

Beyond this, it can lead to careers in journalism, media, law, marketing and many, many other areas.

Studying English Literature prepares you for a wide range of courses in Higher Education, particularly:

  • Literary studies
  • Law
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Media

Following this, you could choose to move into a career in Teaching, Journalism, Publishing, TV and Radio, Advertising, Copywriting, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Linguistics, Law, HR, Banking, Accounting, Insurance, Libraries, Web Content Editing, Public Sector, Social Work, Nursing or postgraduate study.

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