Why study Social Sciences?

Social Sciences at Allerton Grange is a multidisciplinary department, delivering courses, mainly A levels, in Criminology, Health and Social Care, Law, Psychology, Sociology and the Extended Project Qualification.

Students benefit from being taught by a team of eight professionals in the Social Sciences department, based in the Sixth Form Centre. This allows you to broaden your knowledge and experience, and explore options for future study and career paths.

Health and Social Care is a Year 9 option module which is taught to Year 10 and 11, so some students may decide to continue with this subject at Sixth Form. For most post-16 students, Social Sciences are new subjects.

Studying these subjects helps you to critically examine the social world around you, ask questions and understand how to make changes, responding to the needs of society

What careers are Social Sciences useful for?

Studying Social Science subjects at Sixth Form gives a solid academic grounding and develops analytical thinking to progress to university or employment.

Many of our students choose degrees in Social Science subjects such as Sociology, Criminology, Psychology and Law, or combined degrees involving Social Science and Humanities subjects at university.

This can lead on to careers in the police, law, social services, civil service, youth work, business, accountancy, teaching.

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