Languages at AGS

We offer French, German and Spanish at A level.

At Allerton Grange, students begin by studying one language in Year 7 and then progress to the GCSE course for that language. Students with a strong aptitude for languages may choose to take a second language at GCSE.

A level language courses have been very popular in recent years. We are proud to develop excellent relationships with our students, and smaller class sizes allow us to give students more support and help to enhance their learning. Foreign language assistants are employed each year to enrich learning and students have one-to-one sessions with them.

The Language Team has a strong history of achieving excellent results, frequently appearing in the top 10% of language results in the country.

Studying a modern foreign language at A level helps you to develop your communication skills and your understanding of another culture. These are valuable skills that can be adapted to enhance your success in many different fields. If you are considering applying to study medicine at university, studying a language can help you to stand out from other applicants.

We prepare our students to progress to university, where languages may be studied alongside or combined with, many subjects such as management, law, sciences or another language. In recent years, our students have progressed to Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester universities to study languages such as Chinese and German, and language courses combined with Law, History and Linguistics.