Students continue to follow the new national curriculum throughout Key Stage 4. This is designed for students to be stretched and challenged and ensures problem-solving, fluency and reasoning questions are involved in all lessons. Students are given strategies to approach problem-solving questions, for example using bar modelling. There are also real-life contextualised questions (including questions on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, STEM) to help students explore how mathematical problem-solving can be applied to practical activities.


Students in Year 11 are given regular practise papers and have two PPE (Pre Public Exam) sessions. In addition, they are expected to complete one practise GCSE exam paper every three weeks in the first term, increasing to one paper every two weeks in the Spring and Summer terms.

Year 11 students are entered for their exams in two tiers of entry: Higher and Foundation.









Autumn 1 Basic number theory Algebra
  Algebra Equations and inequalities
  Fractions, indices and standard form Fractions, ratio and percentages
    Exponential functions
Autumn 2 Graphs tables and charts More algebra
  Fractions, Percentages & Proportion Interpreting and representing data
  Fractions, indices and standard form  
Spring 1 Angles Further statistics
  Averages Angles and trigonometry
  Quadratic Equations and Graphs  
Spring 2 Perimeter, Area, Volume Transformations and constructions
  Constructions and Bearing Graphs
  Right angled triangles  
Summer 1 Probability Proportion and graphs
  Multiplicative reasoning More trigonometry
    Vectors and geometric proof


Students are encouraged to become independent and resilient learners. Revision sessions take place on a Friday, giving students opportunities to develop their Mathematical skills in the areas of Algebra, Data, Number, Shape and Probability. We also work on other skills in the classroom such as, teamwork, leadership and thinking skills, as well as regular peer and self-assessment.

Students are offered additional support in after school sessions and consistently encouraged to speak to their teachers if they have any questions and/or require further help.


Recommended revision resources

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