Hot Chocolate Friday

Students nominated by their Year Teams have met with Mr Norrington at Hot Chocolate Fridays (or Cold Juice Friday during the Summer Term!). The Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher meets with students personally, in a joint meeting each Friday, to find out more about how they have succeeded in embracing our school values and going the extra mile.

Allerton Grange has a policy for positive discipline which focuses on rewarding good behaviour. It is embedded into school life through stamps in planners, achievement points and reward assemblies.

Congratulations to the following students:


Mike in Year 7 for his beautiful performance in assembly. It made me feel emotional!!!

Ming Yan in Year 8 has achieved in the top 10% of UK students (out of 209,000) for the Oxford University Bebras International Challenge, and was also one of the highest scoring students in their category within the school.

Esha in Year 9 is an absolute star, and one of the most polite and conscientious students in Year 9. Already on 216 achievement points, she attends regular extra curricular activities after school, smashing every subject she does and her attendance is outstanding. Well done, Esha

Josh in Year 10 is one of our anti-bullying ambassadors and was nominated by Mr Gracey. This week a Year 9 student has approached him seeking help with a safeguarding issue, Josh has handled this troubling situation with a great degree of maturity and sensitivity, and really helped the student out. Well done and thank you!

Rafiza in Year 11 was nominated by Ms Crampton for working really hard and producing wonderful work for her Art Mock exam. She is also a kind and very respectful student, such a pleasure to teach!

Usman in Year 13 has come back into Year 13 with a real ‘can do’ attitude and his work ethic is amazing. He does extra work whenever he can and in lessons is always fully engaged.