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School Calendar

Leeds City Council approved school calendars:

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STAFF TRAINING DAYS 2020-21 (School closed to students)

Monday 7th September 2020
Friday 25th September 2020
Friday 27th November 2020
Monday 26th July 2021
Tuesday 27th July 2021

STAFF TRAINING DAYS 2021-22 (School closed to students)

Monday 6th September 2021
Friday 24th September 2021
Friday 1st July 2022
Monday 25th to Tuesday 26th July 2022

Additional Bank Holiday in 2022

Friday 3rd June - as this falls within the school holidays, school will close a day early in the summer term on Tuesday 26th July 2022. School will still close to students on Friday 22 July 2022.

Allerton Grange School Calendar 2018-19
No events
    "The teachers are really nice and very helpful. I was surprised with how good my AS results were."
    - Harkiran
    "Student leadership opportunities have been great; they have provided me with experience to get into university."
    - Qasim
    "The sixth form is a wonderful multi-cultural society with high standards of teaching. I feel the key to success is through the learning environment that AGS offers."
    - Reece
    "The variety of subjects offered attracted me to Allerton Grange."
    - Aisha
    "Teachers are always pushing you, always driving you to reach your full potential. You come out knowing you've achieved your best."
    - Bradley
    "I already went to Allerton Grange and I stayed because the teachers know me so well. I knew I'd get good results."
    - Liam
    "The pastoral support is amazing; there is always someone to talk to."
    - Emma
    "The best thing about our sixth form is the teacher support, especially careers support."
    - Ghafran