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There are various ways in which we communicate with Sixth Form students to let them know what is going on. Students should check the following daily:

  • Email is the main way we send out important messages - you will need to regularly check your emails. Students will need to confirm their email address with the Sixth Form Administrator.
  • Notice Boards around the sixth form common room display messages including any staff absences and any changes to location of lessons, as well as a regular ‘Monday Messages’ bulletin.
  • Form tutors will pass on messages regularly, but if students are absent for any reason, it is their responsibility to catch up with any information missed.

Communication is a two-way street and, as such, we operate an open door policy allowing students to call in and speak to one of the team. This could be anything from careers, to life in the sixth form, or things happening away from school. Appointments can be booked with the Sixth Form Administrator in the Sixth Form Admin Office if a member of the team is unavailable.
You can also email 6thform@allertongrange.com


At Allerton Grange, we are committed to improving communication between parents/prospective parents and school.

We have a dedicated member of staff who is responsible for updating the website so that upcoming events are visible and information is easy to find. We also understand the need to use technology to make communication easier and allow parents to track their child in real time. We have introduced the School Gateway App and Show My Homework; further details can be found on the website.

Parents are encouraged to attend annual Parents’ Consultation Evenings to meet with teachers and to discuss progress and ways in which parents can further support learning at home.

Parents/carers receive a report on their child’s progress every term. Some changes have been made in response to feedback from parents to simplify the reports and make them more user friendly.

We hold a Parents Forum each half term where parents are invited to attend to learn more about developments within school. Parents of existing students in lower school or the Sixth Form, or prospective students, are welcome to join the meetings which are held in the café area each term.

There are weekly opportunities to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) at our SLT Surgeries held every Thursday, 3.15pm - 4.15pm.These are drop in sessions with no appointment necessary. A schedule is included on the SLT Surgery page on the main school's website.

"The best thing about our sixth form is the teacher support, especially careers support."
- Ghafran
"The teachers are really nice and very helpful. I was surprised with how good my AS results were."
- Harkiran
"Student leadership opportunities have been great; they have provided me with experience to get into university."
- Qasim
"The sixth form is a wonderful multi-cultural society with high standards of teaching. I feel the key to success is through the learning environment that AGS offers."
- Reece
"The variety of subjects offered attracted me to Allerton Grange."
- Aisha
"Teachers are always pushing you, always driving you to reach your full potential. You come out knowing you've achieved your best."
- Bradley
"I already went to Allerton Grange and I stayed because the teachers know me so well. I knew I'd get good results."
- Liam
"The pastoral support is amazing; there is always someone to talk to."
- Emma