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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh award was started at Allerton Grange School in Autumn 2007. Students enrol for Bronze Level from the age of 14 and are normally invited to join the scheme in year 10 (although, if requested, we will consider year 9 students). At present, we have pupils from years 9 to 12 on the scheme working at Bronze and Silver levels.

Reasons to get involved

Recent surveys suggest that increasingly employers are not just looking for good qualifications but evidence of the following personal qualities: leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration and the ability to learn. Of all the activities carried out by schools, the D of E Award came out top in the ability to demonstrate and develop these qualities. So doing the Duke of Edinburgh award is:

  • Excellent evidence for CVs, job and university applications.
  • It's great fun, very rewarding and a fantastic way of gaining confidence and skills in new areas.

What is Involved?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is based on 4 sections:

  • Service: volunteering, fundraising for charity of your choice, peer mentoring.
  • Skill: build up a skill in an area of your choice e.g. photography, astronomy, crafts, music.
  • Physical Recreation: show dedication and progression within a sport, e.g. swimming, football, dancing.
  • Expedition: work in a team to plan and go on an expedition for 2 days and 1 night (at Bronze level)


Expedition Dates 2016

Bronze Level: Due to the number of students still needing to complete the Physical, Volunteering and Skills sections of the award in full, Bronze expeditions will not be running this summer.

Silver Level: Practice weekend. T.B.A.

Assessed weekend. T.B.A

Gold Practise  Completed- North Yorkshire Dales

Gold Assessed: Wednesday 14th September from 3:30pm to Sunday 18th September in Yorkshire Dales


Ordnance survey - Map reading made easy. Click to view

** NEW ** Risk assessments

Bronze - accompanied expedition
Bronze - remote expedition
Silver - accompanied expedition
Silver - remote expedition

For more information visit the Duke of Edinburgh website at http://www.dofe.org

"The teachers are really nice and very helpful. I was surprised with how good my AS results were."
- Harkiran
"Student leadership opportunities have been great; they have provided me with experience to get into university."
- Qasim
"The sixth form is a wonderful multi-cultural society with high standards of teaching. I feel the key to success is through the learning environment that AGS offers."
- Reece
"The variety of subjects offered attracted me to Allerton Grange."
- Aisha
"Teachers are always pushing you, always driving you to reach your full potential. You come out knowing you've achieved your best."
- Bradley
"I already went to Allerton Grange and I stayed because the teachers know me so well. I knew I'd get good results."
- Liam
"The pastoral support is amazing; there is always someone to talk to."
- Emma
"The best thing about our sixth form is the teacher support, especially careers support."
- Ghafran