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Students can choose AS/A2 Music as one of many options in our post 16 curriculum. We are about to start an exciting new AQA A-Level course for first teaching in 2016.

There are three main areas of assessment:

  1. Appraising music – 40%
  2. Performance – 35%
  3. Composition – 25%

Throughout the course we record performances and, practise composition to develop the student’s practical skills.

Alongside this we teach about the following topics through a process of listening, analysis and study:

  • Western classical tradition 1650–1910.
  • Pop music.
  • Jazz.


This qualification would suit a student who purely wants to focus on the practical side of performance and composition. These students will be working at Level 3.

In addition to AQA A Level Music, we offer a new and exciting alternative RSL Qualification, which is a Music Practitioners vocational choice. The aims and broad objectives are to provide a flexible, vocationally-relevant suite of popular music qualifications which will equip learners with the skills to develop realistic employment opportunities in the music industry or to progress in to Higher Education.

The broad objectives are:

  • to focus delivery and assessment on practical music making, music production and development of music business skills through learner centred activity;
  • to make the qualifications as flexible as possible in the spirit of the Qualifications and Credit Framework;
  • to make the qualifications relevant to a wide variety of applications from FE provision through to schools, Creative Apprenticeships and e-learning, while ensuring appropriate academic options are available for certain types of HE progression;
  • to embed transferable skills and functional skills into the qualifications.

The aim of the various pathways (Performance, Technology, Business, Composition) are to equip learners with various music industry relevant skills, ranging from basic knowledge at Level 1 through to nearing professional capacity at Level 3.

Our school will focus on two of the pathways. The definition of each pathway is as follows:

PERFORMANCE Learners will:

  • perform effectively on their instrument/voice;
  • rehearse and display musicianship skills;
  • initiate and develop repertoire;
  • rehearse effectively and perform music live;
  • understand contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry;
  • understand relevant aspects of music technology.

COMPOSITION Learners will:

  • compose and arrange music;
  • initiate and develop repertoire;
  • develop musicianship skills through using a harmony instrument;
  • use computers and sequencing and recording software/hardware;
  • understand contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry.

These students required to perform in both of the Year 9-13 concerts.


Entry requirements
At least 5 GCSEs between grades 4 and 9, including a minimum of grade 5 in English Language and Maths. The expectation is for grade 6 and above to have been attained in GCSE Music. You are also required to be a competent musician and have achieved vocal/instrumental Grade 5.

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