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A-level Mathematics

A-level Mathematics is taught on a modular basis, and follows the Edexcel syllabus. We expect students to have at least a grade A in order to be accepted on this course.

Pupils are taught for 5 periods a week and are expected to undertake considerable independent study outside of lessons. AS Level in Mathematics will have been completed in Year 12.

Pupils who decide to continue their study and take A-level Mathematics will cover a further three modules:

  • Core 3
  • Core 4

Plus a further module chosen from Statistics, Mechanics or Decision, making six in total

Autumn term:

  • CORE 3 Course (continued from year 12)
  • Exponentials & Natural Logarithms
  • Differentiation
  • Numerical Methods
  • Proof
  • Past Papers & Revision

Pre-public Exam C3

Decision 1 Course

  • Algorithms
  • Graphs and networks
  • Minimum spanning trees
  • Shortest path
  • Route inspection
  • Matchings
  • Linear Programming
  • Critical path analysis
  • Past Papers & Revision

Pre-public Exam D1

Spring term:

  • C4 Course
  • Partial fractions
  • Parametric Equations
  • The binomial Series
  • Differentiation
  • Vectors
  • Past papers C3 and D1

Summer term:

  • Integration
  • Differential Equations
  • Past Papers & Revision

Core 3, Core 4 and Decision 1 Examination (June)

AS/A-level Further Mathematics

In addition to AS/A-level Mathematics, students can take Further Mathematics, this involves taking 3 (AS-level) or 6 (A-level) Modules which include Further Maths 1, Further Maths 2, Further Maths 3 and further study of either Discrete, Mechanics or Statistics. Pupils taking this option are taught with other Mathematics students for the main course, and then have supplementary lessons for the Further course. As this course is difficult, we would normally expected candidates to have an A* at GCSE
Students with A-level Further Mathematics are in a significantly better position when it comes to Mathematics courses at university and in Mathematical professions.

Method of assessment

A-Level Maths is assessed entirely through examination.

AS – 3 exams each 1 ½ hours and worth 75 marks.

A2 – 3 exams each 1 ½ hours and worth 75 marks.

May-June Summer 2017 Examination Timetable

Unit Title Unit No Date Time Duration
Core Mathematics 1 6663 17th May 2017 AM 1h 30m
Core Mathematics 2 6664 24th May 2017 AM 1h 30m
Core Mathematics 3 6665 20th June 2017 PM 1h 30m
Core Mathematics 4 6666 23rd June 2017 AM 1h 30m
Statistics 1 6683 7th June 2017 AM 1h 30m
Decision 1 6689 16th June 2017 PM 1h 30m
Further Pure 1 6667 19th May 2017 AM 1h 30m
Further Pure 2 6668 7th June 2017 AM 1h 30m
Further Pure 3 6669 26th June 2017 PM 1h 30m
Mechanics 1 6677 14th June 2017 AM 1h 30m
Mechanics 2 6678 16th June 2017 PM 1h 30m
Mechanics 3 6679 17th May 2017 AM 1h 30m
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