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Health & Social Care

BTEC Nationals in Health and Social CareĀ 

Health and Social Care is taught as part of the social science curriculum. In common with other social science subjects, it aims to develop in students a critical and evaluative approach as we strongly believe that knowing how (different) people see the world allows our learners to make sense of the world, ask questions of it and know how to change it.

Health and social care provides learners with the language to explore the the role of the health and social care professions and the part they play in shaping and reacting to society.

Viewing the health and social care services from the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders allows learners to critically evaluate its effectiveness. A critical understanding of the current debates in health around funding, private versus state provision will allow our learners to fulfil an active role in the future of health and social provision, their place in that future and the ability to recognise where change is needed and how to facilitate it.

You will learn about empathy and respect and understand care values in a health and social care setting. These transferable skills are also applicable to a wide range of graduate careers both within and outside the Health and Social Care sector.

Post-16 students have the option of studying Health and Social Care either as a Single Award (equivalent to 1 A level) OR as a Double award (equivalent to 2 A levels).

Flexible choice of courses:

  • Extended Certificate = 1 A Level
  • Diploma = 2 A Levels


There will be a number of assessment styles, such as assignments, external tasks and written exams. These will ensure that students are given the confidence to apply their knowledge and have the study skills to continue their learning onto further or higher education courses and succeed in future employment.

During year 13, students will complete the remaining 2 or 4 units depending on their chosen course.

Extended Certificate

  • Unit 2: Working in Health and Social Care (Exam)
  • Unit ?: This unit is chosen based on students areas of interest.


  • Unit 4: Enquires into Current Research in Health and Social Care (Externally assessed task)
  • Unit 7: Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care (Coursework)
  • Unit 8: Promoting Public Health (Coursework)

Students choose two units from the following, based on their interests:

  • Unit 10 Sociological Perspectives (Coursework)
  • Unit 11 Psychological Perspectives (Coursework)
  • Unit 12 Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs (Coursework)
  • Unit 14 Physiological Disorders and their Care (Coursework)
  • Unit 19 Nutritional Health (Coursework)
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