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Computer Science

Computer Science is a practical subject where students can apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real-world systems. It’s an intensely creative subject that combines invention and excitement, and can look at the natural world through a digital prism.

A Level study includes a focus on programming and computational thinking. It develops problem solving skills, as well as designing systems.

Course content
The course is a two year linear A level with two terminal papers each lasting 2.5 hours. There is also a practical programming assignment with many student choosing to research, design and build a computer game.

Unit 1 Computer Systems
• The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices (What makes a computer?)
• Software and software development( what process are used to build software)
• Exchanging data
• Data types, data structures and algorithms
• Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues

Unit 2 Algorithms and programming
• Elements of computational thinking
• Problem solving and programming (generally with the Python programming language)
• Algorithms to solve problems and standard algorithms for searching and sorting i.e. binary search, merge sort, A* and Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm

Unit 3 Programming project
The learner chooses a computing problem to work through where they must
• Analyse the problem
• Design the solution
• Develop the solution
• Evaluate the solution and their performance

Useful Links
The specification and other resources can be found at

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