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Law is taught as part of the social science curriculum. In common with other social science subjects, Law aims to develop in students, a critical and evaluative approach as we strongly believe that Knowing how (different) people see the world allows our learners to make sense of the world, ask questions of it and know how to change it.

The study of law aims to empower students with the knowledge they need to become active and engaged citizens who question, challenge and bring about change in our society.
Underpinning the course are central themes of justice, society and morality and students are encouraged to critically asses the Criminal Justice System and question who holds power and influence in our society and who’s interests are being represented in the legal institutions in the UK.

The course follows a variety of topics, from the workings of the legal system and laws themselves, to the application of those laws in areas such as tortious liability and criminal law. Many of our students choose to follow Law courses at University after successfully completing their A Levels, although Law is also a useful background for many diverse careers from Journalism to Politics.

Course Content

Students follow the OCR specification.

The course is examined at the end of Year 13 through 3 unit examinations, each lasting 2 hours and being 33.3% of the total grade.

Year 12 Law topics

In common with all Social Science subjects, the course will begin with Core Social Science Knowledge around Society, Economics, Politics and Law and History. This will be built on over the course to enhance your understanding of Law. We will then move on to a look at key themes in law including justice, morality and society.

Substantive areas of study will be:

• Law making and legal systems – how laws are passed through parliament and judge-made law, the legal institutions and legal personnel in the U.K., including the courts and judiciary, magistrates, barristers and solicitors

• Tort law - the law of negligence and nuisance, vicarious liability, occupier’s liability, remedies and defences.

• Criminal Law – Offences against the person

Catch up sessions are available for Year 12 students on Wednesday evenings from 3-4pm.


Useful Links

For more information visit the OCR website:


Entry Requirements

A minimum of five subjects at grade 4 (or above) including Maths, and grade 5 (or above) in English Language. 

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