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Allerton Grange is one of only a few Schools in the City that teach the criminology Diploma. It is a popular subject and is often followed by students who are also studying other subjects within the Society Business and Health department.

The course follows a variety of topics form the workings of the legal system and laws to anti crime campaigns.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in the Criminal Justice System. It will enable the learner to demonstrate understanding of different types of crime, influences on perceptions of crime and why some crimes are unreported, as well as why people commit crime. Learners will gain an understanding of the criminal justice system from the moment a crime has been identified to the verdict and skills needed to examine information in order to review the justice of verdicts in criminal cases.

Criminology fits well with other social sciences, such as Sociology, Law and Psychology, as well as Humanities such as Religious Studies and History.

Course content

The course is a 2 Year linear diploma course which is formally examined at the end of Year 12 and 13. There is a combination of external examinations and controlled assessments.

In Year 12, students study;

Autumn term

UNIT1: Changing Awareness of Crime - learners will study the different types of crime, the influences on perceptions of crime and why some crimes are unreported. The unit will end with learners producing an anti-crime campaign on a specific source.

Spring term

Learners will complete their assessment for unit 1, this will be an eight-hour assessment of their learning in exam conditions.

Students will also begin their second unit.

Unit 2: Criminological theories – this unit focuses on the different theories of why people commit crime. Learners will also study the social construction of crime and how theories of crime impact policy.

Summer term

Learners will continue with unit 2 in preparation for their examination in June.


Entry Requirements

A minimum of five subjects at grade 4 (or above) including Maths at grade 4 (or above) and English Language at grade 5 (or above). 


Useful Links

The specification and other resources can be found at


Regular catch up sessions are held in the pod every Tuesday and Thursday. They are optional and voluntary for students, however, students may be directed to the sessions if their progress is below target.

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