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For students who wish to study Business, we offer the 2 year A Level in Business Studies. The advanced course provides students with an in depth knowledge of the world of business. The aim of the qualification is to give students the tools to understand modern businesses. They learn how businesses make decisions, and develop strategies to survive in an increasingly competitive business environment. The course is particularly suited to those students who enjoy discussion, problem solving and making recommendations. The course is a 2 Year linear A level course which is formally examined at the end of Year 13. Students will, however, sit a mock examination to determine the suitability to continue to Year 13.

Course Content

There are 6 units of study in Year 12.

Autumn Term

  • Introduction to the course and Induction task.
  • Unit 1: Understanding the nature and purpose of business, understanding different business forms and that businesses operate within an external environment.
  • Unit 2: Understanding management, leadership and decision making and understanding the role and importance of stakeholders.
  • Unit 3: Decision making to improve marketing performance and setting marketing objectives. Understanding markets and customers needs, making marketing decisions, looking at market research and segmentation. Learning how to target customers and finding the best position for the business. How marketing decisions are made using the marketing mix.

Spring Term

  • Unit 4: Decision making to improve operational performance including setting operational objectives and analyzing operational performance. Making operational decisions to improve performance: increasing efficiency and productivity. Making operational decisions to improve performance: improving quality, managing inventory and supply chains.
  • Unit 5: Decision making to improve financial performance, setting financial objectives and analyzing financial performance. Making financial decisions: sources of finance and improving cash flow and profits.

Summer Term

  • Unit 6: Decision making to improve human resource performance, setting human resource objectives, analyzing human resource performance. Making human resource decisions: improving organizational design, managing the human resource flow, improving motivation & engagement and improving employer-employee relations.
  • Revision for the pre-public examinations.
  • Start of Year 13 work.


Useful Links

More information can be found at: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/business-subjects/as-and-a-level/business-7131-7132/specification-at-a-glance

Regular catch up sessions are held in the pod every Tuesday and Thursday. They are optional and voluntary for students, however, students may be directed to the sessions if their progress is below target.


Entry Requirements

A good range of GCSEs at Level 4 or above in English Language and Maths. No previous experience or qualifications in Business is necessary.



"The best thing about our sixth form is the teacher support, especially careers support."
- Ghafran
"The teachers are really nice and very helpful. I was surprised with how good my AS results were."
- Harkiran
"Student leadership opportunities have been great; they have provided me with experience to get into university."
- Qasim
"The sixth form is a wonderful multi-cultural society with high standards of teaching. I feel the key to success is through the learning environment that AGS offers."
- Reece
"The variety of subjects offered attracted me to Allerton Grange."
- Aisha
"Teachers are always pushing you, always driving you to reach your full potential. You come out knowing you've achieved your best."
- Bradley
"I already went to Allerton Grange and I stayed because the teachers know me so well. I knew I'd get good results."
- Liam
"The pastoral support is amazing; there is always someone to talk to."
- Emma