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Monday 5th September 2016
Friday 30th June 2017
School closed 24th, 25th, 26th July 2017 (disaggregated training days)
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    "Student leadership opportunities have been great; they have provided me with experience to get into university."
    - Qasim
    "The variety of subjects offered attracted me to Allerton Grange."
    - Aisha
    "The sixth form is a wonderful multi-cultural society with high standards of teaching. I feel the key to success is through the learning environment that AGS offers."
    - Reece
    "I already went to Allerton Grange and I stayed because the teachers know me so well. I knew I'd get good results."
    - Liam
    "Teachers are always pushing you, always driving you to reach your full potential. You come out knowing you've achieved your best."
    - Bradley
    "The pastoral support is amazing; there is always someone to talk to."
    - Emma
    "The best thing about our sixth form is the teacher support, especially careers support."
    - Ghafran
    "The teachers are really nice and very helpful. I was surprised with how good my AS results were."
    - Harkiran