School Reports

Formal reports will be sent home to parents at the end of January and in July. These will be sent through the post.

To complement this, we have launched an online assessment system that allows parents to access any assessments that have taken place in school at any time throughout the year. This is through Go 4 Schools.
Please see the parent/carer instructions on how to access Go 4 Schools.

Key Stage 3 Reports (Years 7-9)

We no longer use targets of GCSE grades at Key Stage 3 as this is not good practice or useful to students. Instead, assessments at Key Stage 3 are an “understanding of the curriculum covered”. Students will have a developing, secure of complex understanding of the subject areas:

Developing A basic knowledge of the subject being studied
Secure A strong knowledge of the subject being studied
Complex A detailed and thorough knowledge of the subject being studied

An ‘U’ is given where a teacher was unable to comment on student progress

Key Stage 4 and 5 Reports (Years 10-13)

Reports at Key Stage 4 and 5 will show a prediction. This is the teacher prediction based on assessments and attitude to learning of what grade your child may come out with at the end of the period of learning (either at the end of Year 11 for KS4 or the end of Year 13 for KS5). At Key Stage 4 grades will be 9 to 1 (with 9 being the highest possible grade) and at KS5 the grades will be A* to E.


Attitude to Learning

Students also receive an attitude to learning grade from A to E (A being the highest, E the lowest).

AtL Grade Meaning
A Excellent attitude to learning. Student works had in lessons, is organised, self-motivated and completes homework.
B Good attitude to learning. Student generally works well, and usually completes homework, but may need reminding to stay on task.
C Poor attitude to learning. Little effort is made, homework is rarely completed, and the student's behaviour may often be unacceptable.
D Cause for concern, no effort is made, homework is not done, student's behaviour is unacceptable.