19th Apr 2023

Some of you may have seen reports on the news about an assault that took place outside school (on Lidgett Lane) at the end of the day on Tuesday 18 April.

Senior leaders and pastoral staff were on the scene immediately. Eye witnesses reported one of our students being attacked by three youths who jumped out of a moving car, assaulted the AGS student and then ran off. The police and ambulance service arrived within 20mins and the victim was escorted to a police vehicle and taken to hospital. Mr Roper spoke with the victim and the police officers at the scene.

Some reports have alleged a knife was involved- from witness statements and the injuries Mr Roper saw there is no evidence to support this. Our pastoral staff have been in contact with the family and our thoughts are with the student and family at this difficult time. The school will support the police fully with the investigation. Mr Roper will be holding assemblies on Wednesday 19 April to reassure all students about their safety and our pastoral teams will be available throughout the day providing support for all our students.