Apply for Sixth Form

Applications are open for Allerton Grange Sixth Form for September 2022.

Please complete the online application form.

At Allerton Grange we offer a broad curriculum of Sixth Form courses in subjects including: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, History, Classical Civilisation, Geography, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies, French, German, Spanish, Business, Economics, Law, Computer Science, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Art & Design, Photography, Three Dimensional Design, Health & Social Care and Hairdressing. Click to open our Sixth Form Curriculum booklet.

We believe that education and growth isn't limited to the classroom and are proud to offer an aspirational enrichment programme, alongside our academic courses. All Sixth Form students are expected to participate in our extra-curricular and enrichment programme to widen experiences, develop their talents and grow as individuals. Click to open our Sixth Form Enrichment booklet.

We are accepting applications for September 2022 from current Allerton Grange students and from those studying elsewhere.

Please email if you have any questions.

Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening resources are available on our website.