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Hot Chocolate Fridays

Students nominated by their Year Teams have met with Mr Roper in the return of a popular reward incentive, Hot Chocolate Fridays. The Headteacher meets with students personally, in a joint meeting in his office each Friday, to find out more about how they have succeeded in embracing our school values and going the extra mile.

Allerton Grange has a policy for positive discipline which focuses on rewarding good behaviour. It is embedded into school life through stamps in planners, achievement points and reward assemblies.

Well done to the following students:

This week a group of students were nominated for improvements to behaviour, making good choices, being helpful and enthusiastic, and for working hard.

Congratulations to:

Ashlee from Year 7 was nominated for reporting a potential bullying incident by email, in her own time.

In Year 8, Saleem has made very sensible decisions when dealing with a problem recently and we are very proud to say he is a mature, hardworking young man.

Taha in Year 9 has seen a big improvement in his behaviour, with only three behaviour points in the last five weeks. He has been playing football outside at break and lunch times and has made positive changes.

Year 10 student Paula is an incredibly friendly, hardworking young lady who always stops to say hello. She has recently volunteered to work with a charity in the community for her Duke of Edinburgh.

In Year 11, Talanah has been recognised for being absolutely amazing in Drama.

Hamza in Year 12 is working very hard in both psychology and sociology, he reads around the subject and topic areas and discusses his views with staff.

From Year 13, Daaniyal is working hard in all of his subjects, including extra reading and sharing his ideas. He is a conscientious learner who helps and supports others in the classroom.


06 12 19

Previous reward winners 2019/20

Year 7
Ben H
Parth T
Anis B
Aysha C
Leonardo C
Freya H

Year 8
Riyadh M
Sara B
Sumayah B
Kamuren B
Millie- Rose D
Riya KArun N
Siraj K
Mollie E
Gurman D
Sara B
Pippa G
Thomas H
Jathushan N
Neive S
Kerem S
Jasmine Z

Year 9
Samiyah H
Halima J
Usman S
Hannah G
Ebonnie T
Manvinder D
Sam M
Lauren H
Mohammed K
Eileen A

Year 10
Yonas G
Marni P
Faith Fell-Marks
Taylor H
Charlie B
Sienna L
Shreya K
Scott H
Lloyd A
Muna A
Jardell J

Year 11
Areeba M
Riane M
Shenaya M
Mustak A
Finn R
Manisha R
Rahela D
Kieanna RC

Year 12 
Lillian R-S
Finn C
Zishaan R
Emtana H
Ma'Rufar R
Nasim A

Year 13
Marah M
Iqra S
Salma A
Maria H
Shahed C
Vaiva B


Previous reward winners 2018/19

Year 7
Khansa L
Billy P
Kiam W
Jessica JS
Izzy M
Sabrin B
Maya M
James S
Amelie M
Riya K
Aisha D
Jacob D
Amirah M
Harry B
Georgie I
Asad S
Lily-Rose N-B
Daniel M
Halima A
Sara B
Karem S
Emily T
Lily H
Gurman D

Year 8
Shanza N
Thomas P
Haaris H
Durriyah Z
Jack A
Ada A
Yousef A
Isaac B
Emma C
Kidiest H
Tana W
Yad A
Adiba A
Sara K
Lucius G
Levi F
Sidra A
Sophie A
Sadia Y
Taha E
Raifs S
Sophia G
Constance C
Manvinder D
Poppy C
Amara SR
Ali H
Kevardo F
Emma C
Vish J

Year 9
Patricia K
Megan K
Geralb M
Aqueeb Y
Faaizah R
Lola J
Henry C
Nafisah A
Benjamin T
Samreen I
Zahra K
Arjun R
Nabeya R
Hedieh M
Abdullah J
Iman M
Ibrahim M
Aima I
Kamila S
Omar L
Sahil H
Faiza B
Sullivan M
Katie M
Iman T
Rayan A

Year 10
Hannah C
Nadia A
Kieanna RC
Shamila A
Shanaya M
Layla C
Joe G
Aimee B
Finn R
Tasneem E
Areeba M
Mahbob A
Matilda C
Marshay W
Kieanna RC
Fardows M
Juan G
Adil A
Jacob W
Finn R
Jacob B
Sundus H
Omar H
Dylan H
Amina S
Amirah S
Simran C
Dylan H
Alexia C
Arshia S
Kaya B

Year 11
Samiya A
Ethan W
Maurizio T
Shima H
Marcus B
Umar K
Hilda D
Itsham M
Mariam A
Syeda B
Nasim A
Lucas K
Bevan T
Rami K
Iram R
Sohaib M
Salar K
Ramisa L

Year 12
Aaliyah R
Ikra Ejaz
Saima S
Vaiva B
Amy Louise B
Jas S

Year 13
Sana Haq
Khadija A
Ibrahim I
Wagmagul A

"I have observed behaviour that illustrates strong team bonds between teams within the school; again another positive feature about the school culture engendered"
- Parent
"I am so pleased with the School Gateway app. Every day I can see any achievement and behaviour points my daughter gets and she knows that I’ll discuss it with her; it encourages her to do well."
- Year 8 Parent
“It was good to speak to his form tutor and hear about what is happening in class”
- Year 7 Parent on Parents' Consultation Evening, October 2018
"An open and welcoming atmosphere - very useful being allowed to look at teaching and learning"
- Prospective Parent
“Friendly staff, well-behaved kids”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
"I have observed behaviour that illustrates strong team bonds between teams within the school; again another positive feature about the school culture engendered"
- Parent
"I applaud the focus on rewarding good behaviour. My son feels appreciated and recognised at Allerton Grange; we're all so proud."
- Year 8 Parent
“Excellent feedback, we’re very happy with progress so far”
- Year 7 Parent on Parents' Consultation Evening, October 2018
"The reward and behaviour system is clear, well enforced and has positive results!"
- Parent
“Excellent facilities, improving school”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
"An inclusive school that is focused on providing the best education for its students"
- Prospective Parent
"Very impressed with the sports facilities"
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
“Impressed with the consistent enthusiasm of the teaching staff when discussing feedback”
- Year 7 Parent on Parents' Consultation Evening, October 2018
"Staff are passionate and committed to developing and improving"
- Parent
“I especially liked the Science and Maths departments”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
"Pupils look smart and are well engaged in their lessons"
- Prospective Parent
“Driven leadership, confident pupils. Staff friendly and open to discussing subjects and needs of my child”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
"So pleased that both my children are at a school, where the performing arts (and other arts) are such a priority."
- Parent
"Fantastic student ambassadors who are a credit to the school."
- Prospective Parent
“Welcoming staff, friendly, confident students and excellent facilities”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
"Strong leadership and motivation with an emphasis on progress"
- Parent
“Great facilities. Dedicated and enthusiastic staff”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018
"Thank you for making my daughter's first year with you such a good one. We are impressed with how she has settled in and grown as a person throughout the year"
- Year 7 Parent
"Safe, Supportive, Diverse"
- Local Authority Representative
“Great opportunity to meet staff and gain greater depth of my child’s achievement”
- Year 7 Parent on Parents' Consultation Evening, October 2018
"A great learning environment; light, bright and spacious classrooms, clean and well organised."
- Prospective Parent
“Clean, bright, vibrant learning space”
- Prospective Parent, September 2018