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Student Wellbeing Group



Student wellbeing group

The newly named Student Wellbeing Group replaces the Zee Tee ambassador group.

Students from Year 7 to Year 13 have been chosen to help out with projects and learning. Students wear white star badges to symbolise five topics of discussion; LGBT, faith/communities, mental health, Exercise/nutrition and anti-bullying.

Our aim is to work together to support the whole school in tackling issues that could affect students whilst studying. School can be hard enough without hidden barriers to contend with. Students are able to approach the Student Wellbeing Group with any problem they might have which they may not feel like sharing with a friend in the first instance.

Year 7 and 8 meet every Wednesday morning during registration to discuss in detail each topic over a number of weeks. This allows them to find out what is happening across year groups and to collaborate any ideas they may have for projects or campaigns. Adopting a ‘train the trainer’ approach, the Wellbeing Group are then able to educate their classmates to help stamp out any negative behaviour. The group have been given ‘Bully Watch’ note pads so that what they see can be confidentially recorded and passed on to a designated member of staff.

Our Year 9 to 11 group have started to work with a company called ‘Space 2’ who create healthy communities and thriving young people through the Arts and creativity. The project started last year, when the students had an introduction to mental health awareness and how to recognise signs and symptoms. The start of this year the group helped run the ‘time to talk’ day in school. They set up a relaxation area with mindful colouring books as well as encouraging fellow students to start conversations and pledge what they could do help their classmates. In the summer term the group will launch an interactive project they have been working on; further information will be announced shortly.


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 Golden Owls Insta





‘hope’ Animation‘

Last year, a group of girls from Year 8 worked with local organisations, Shantona and Space 2, to put together a piece of work which encourages communities to speak out about emotional health and domestic violence. Since then, the animation has won a Golden Owl Award in the Key Stage 3 and 4 category, and was nominated at the Child Friendly Leeds Awards. The animation will be played on the big screen in millennium square over the summer.






"Safe, Supportive, Diverse"
- Local Authority Representative
"Strong leadership and motivation with an emphasis on progress"
- Parent
"I am so pleased with the School Gateway app. Every day I can see any achievement and behaviour points my daughter gets and she knows that I’ll discuss it with her; it encourages her to do well."
- Year 8 Parent
"A great learning environment; light, bright and spacious classrooms, clean and well organised."
- Prospective Parent
"I applaud the focus on rewarding good behaviour. My son feels appreciated and recognised at Allerton Grange; we're all so proud."
- Year 8 Parent
"An open and welcoming atmosphere - very useful being allowed to look at teaching and learning"
- Prospective Parent
"The reward and behaviour system is clear, well enforced and has positive results!"
- Parent
"Staff are passionate and committed to developing and improving"
- Parent
"An inclusive school that is focused on providing the best education for its students"
- Prospective Parent
"Fantastic student ambassadors who are a credit to the school."
- Prospective Parent
"Pupils look smart and are well engaged in their lessons"
- Prospective Parent