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Rewards/other trips


School Trip to Lightwater Valley

Once again, we are proposing to celebrate the success of our students with a school trip on Thursday 29 June 2017 for Years 7 to 10 to Lightwater Valley.

We are very much looking forward to being able to recognise students’ achievements and successes, and reward their hard work and commitment. Participation in this trip will be dependent upon continued good behaviour and attendance, and sustained effort during lessons.

With over 40 rides and attractions for children of all ages, from mega adventures such as Eagle’s Creek Farm and the Ladybird Coaster to ultimate adventures such as Eagle’s Claw, Raptor Attack and Apollo, Lightwater Valley Theme Park provides a great value day out that all our students can enjoy.

In addition to lots of fun rides, Lightwater Valley also has a Falconry where students can learn all about Birds of Prey and how the team care for them.

Places on the trip are subject to students maintaining a positive points balance throughout the year (rewards points minus behaviour points).

Whilst our rewards trips are open to all eligible students, it is a privilege and students must demonstrate they can behave responsibly and act as good ambassadors for the school. Any student whose behaviour in school is unacceptable may not be able to participate.

Please return reply slips by 3 March. The first payment instalment is due by 17 March.

View trip letter and permission slip




Can I pay in instalments?
Yes, you can pay in instalments, either via Parent Pay or by using the bar coded letter at a Pay Point Store.
Instalment 1: £10:50 by Friday 17 March; Instalment 2: £10:50 by Friday 28 April

Is payment allowed by cash or cheque in school?
No. Payment can only be made via ParentPay or at a PayPoint store by cash or cheque. We can no longer accept cash/cheques in school as we do not have the staff to deal with this.

If I miss the deadline to pay the first instalment, can my child still go?
The trip can only go ahead if parents and student place an initial deposit; it is for this reason that we insist that all first instalments are paid before Friday 17 March.

Do I need to pay the full amount of money to school?
Yes, the trip will not be able to go ahead if parents do not pay the full amount. Students will only be allowed to attend the trip once school has received full payment.

The letter says it’s a reward trip; why do I have to pay?
The trip is to reward the good behaviour of students and will cost the school considerably more than the contribution we are asking for.

What should my child take with them on the day?
Non-uniform clothing that is suitable for the expected weather, any medication that they regularly take and no more than £10 (optional) for food, drinks and other entertainment.

If my child needs medication or has an inhaler, what are the arrangements?
Each student is responsible for bringing and looking after their own medication, including inhalers. If you do not think this will be a suitable method for your child then please let our health support officer know and a risk assessment will be carried out.

What time are students returning on the day?
Depending on traffic, we will aim to have our students back to school by 5pm

Where do I pick my child up after the trip?
Both the turning circle and Talbot Ave are likely to be busy with returning coaches. We advise that you agree a meeting point with your child away from these two areas.


Students / Parents

I haven’t got a letter, where can I get one?
You can collect your letter from the main office. Please keep it safe; if you pay by instalments using the barcode, you will need to reuse the letter/barcode.

What if I have more behaviour points than achievement points?
You will be unable to go on the trip and you will remain in school on the day.

If I don’t want to go on the trip do I get the day off school?
No. If you would prefer not to attend the trip, there will be a range of fun activities available for students within school.

Last year students complained it was really busy and couldn’t get on any rides.
We have changed the venue and date of the trip so the park will not be busy.

Why should I pay this time? Why should I go?
The whole school trip is a celebration for all students and staff; nobody will be forced to attend but we do encourage our students to come along and enjoy a great fun day out.

What happens if I’m late to school on the morning of the trip?
Please make sure you are not late; the coaches will be leaving promptly after registration. If you are not in school for registration, we will not wait for you and you will have to remain in school.

Can I sit with friends in a different form on the coach?
No. Seating arrangements will be organised by staff.

If I get lost on the day what should I do?
If you are lost, please go to any member of staff at Lightwater Valley who will direct you to the meeting points for AGS students. This will be staffed throughout the day.


"Safe, Supportive, Diverse"
- Local Authority Representative
"Strong leadership and motivation with an emphasis on progress"
- Parent
"I am so pleased with the School Gateway app. Every day I can see any achievement and behaviour points my daughter gets and she knows that I’ll discuss it with her; it encourages her to do well."
- Year 8 Parent
"A great learning environment; light, bright and spacious classrooms, clean and well organised."
- Prospective Parent
"I applaud the focus on rewarding good behaviour. My son feels appreciated and recognised at Allerton Grange; we're all so proud."
- Year 8 Parent
"An open and welcoming atmosphere - very useful being allowed to look at teaching and learning"
- Prospective Parent
"The reward and behaviour system is clear, well enforced and has positive results!"
- Parent
"Staff are passionate and committed to developing and improving"
- Parent
"An inclusive school that is focused on providing the best education for its students"
- Prospective Parent
"Fantastic student ambassadors who are a credit to the school."
- Prospective Parent
"Pupils look smart and are well engaged in their lessons"
- Prospective Parent