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The Languages department at Allerton Grange School is one of the most successful in the country, consistently securing outstanding GCSE results which are significantly above the national average. We are an inclusive department and a large proportion of students continue with languages at GCSE level, with many achieving A* and A grades.

At Allerton Grange, we offer four languages in Year 7. Students will be equally distributed between French, German and Spanish. If your child has a strong preference to study Urdu you may request this on the initial admissions form, although we cannot guarantee to accommodate all preferences.

Students continue with the language they studied in Years 7-9 to GCSE level.

A GCSE in a foreign language forms part of the "EBacc" qualification introduced by the Government, and is likely to be very important to students applying to universities, and to some employers in the coming years.


Course Overview

In Year 7, students have two hours of German a week. They work from the Echo 1 textbook covering the topics listed below. They are assessed in all four skills; Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing at the end of each unit.

Topics covered are:

  • Autumn 1: Introducing yourself and numbers
  • Autumn 2: School
  • Spring 1: Family and Friends
  • Spring 2: Free time and hobbies
  • Summer 1: My house
  • Summer 2: Project work.

In Year 7, students have two hours of Spanish a week. They work from the Listos 1 textbook covering the topics listed below. They are assessed in all four skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing at the end of each unit.

Topics covered are:

  • Autumn 1: All about me
  • Autumn 2: My family
  • Spring 1: At home
  • Spring 2: School
  • Summer 1: School
  • Summer 2: Time and numbers

In Year 7, students have two hours of French a week. They follow the Michel Thomas Methodology (MT) which is separate from the other topics covered, as well as the Studio textbooks. They are assessed at the end of each module.

  • Autumn 1: MT1-2 Meeting and greeting, alphabet, numbers, days and months
  • Autumn 2: MT 3-4 Articles, plurals, saying “there is…”, classroom instructions.
  • Spring 1: MT 4-5 Hobbies and opinions, colours, adjectival agreement, animal, using a dictionary.
  • Spring 2: MT 6-7 Family, saying “my”, where you live and ordering in a café
  • Summer 1: MT8 Nationalities and countries, the verb “to be”, weather.
  • Summer 2: MT9 Cultural film – Le petit Nicolas. Reinforcement and revision.

How parents can support

1. Test your child when they have a vocabulary test to revise for.

2. Encourage your child to use the online resources (see 'Useful Links' below) available to practise the topic that they are studying in their language lesson.


Useful Links:

German, French, Spanish -

www.linguascope.com  Beginner section (Ask your MFL teacher for the Username and Password)
www.funwithlanguages.vacau.com  KS3 Section

Urdu -


German KS3 Knowledge Organiser
Spanish KS3 Knowledge Organiser
French KS3 Knowledge Organiser
French KS3 Mickey T Modules
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