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AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy


Autumn Term

Biology Chemistry Physics

5.4 - Control and coordination

- Use of plant hormones

6.1 – Variation and Evolution

- Genetic inheritance

- Sex determination

- Selective breeding

- Classification

7.1 Ecology

- Communities

- Abiotic and biotic factors

- Adaptation

- Organisation

- Cycled materials

- Decomposition

- Impact on environment

- Global warming

- Maintaining biodiversity

- Trophic levels

6.1 – Rate of Chemical Reactions

- Energy change and reversible reactions

- Equilibrium

- Effects of changing concentration

- Effects of temperature and pressure on equilibrium

7.1- Hydrocarbons

- Fractional distillation and petrol chemicals

- Cracking of alkenes

- Alcohols & Carboxylic Acids

- Addition polymerisation & condensation

- Amino acids

- DNA & other natural polymers

8.1 – Chemical Analysis

- Chromatography

- Flame tests

- Flame emission spectroscopy

9.1 – The Atmosphere

- Global climate change

- Carbon footprint & atmospheric pollutants

5.1 - Forces

- Moments

- Pressure in fluid & atmospheric pressure

- Motion along a line

- Distance and displacement

- Speed & Velocity

- The distance-time relationship

- Newton's Laws of Motion

- Stopping & reaction time

6.1 - Waves

- Properties & reflection of waves

- Lenses

- Visible light

- Infrared Radiation

7.1 - Electromagnetism

- Poles & magnetic fields of a magnet

- Electromagnetic spectrum

- Electric motors

- Loud speakers

Spring Term

Biology Chemistry Physics

7.1 - Ecology

- Pyramids and transfer of biomass

- Factors affecting food security; Farming techniques

- Sustainable fisheries

- Biotechnology





7.1 - Ecology

- Pyramids and transfer of biomass

- Factors affecting food security; Farming techniques

- Sustainable fisheries

- Biotechnology





7.1 - Electromagnetism

- Induced potential

- Generator effect

- Microphones

- Transformers

8.1 - Space

- Solar system

- Cycle of star

- Artificial satellites

- Red-Shift





Summer Term











There will be an element of synoptic assessment in some of the written papers. This will involve making and using connections within and between different areas of each science e.g. applying knowledge and understanding of more than one area to a particular situation or context.

Coursework is no longer part of the assessment but there is a set Required Practicals for each Science that has to be covered during lesson time over the two years and may be covered in the written exam.

Useful links:

Separate Sciences

Biology  http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/biology-8461

Chemistry http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/chemistry-8462

Physics http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/physics-8463

Combined Science (Trilogy)



Year 11 Schedule Science COMBINED 2017 2018
Year 11 Schedule Science SEPARATE 2017 2018
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